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Digital Methods Initiative Summer School on data activism!

Every year at the Department of Media Studies of the University of Amsterdam we organize the Digital Methods summer school, coordinated by the Digital Methods Initiative. The second week of the school is co-organized by the DATACTIVE team, which I have set-up in October 2015 here in Amsterdam. The topic we selected is (of course) 'data activism'. Invited speakers included David Beer (University of York), Linnet Taylor (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society), Ingrid Burrington (, Sebastian Benthall (UC Berkeley), and myself. Our team also pitched three projects, namely "Digital methods for ICANN mailing lists", "Exploring the fabrics of civic tech on digital media", "Evolution and sustainability of digital security tools". Stay tuned!

ICANN56 in Helsinki, June 27-30

On June 27-30 I participated to meeting #56 of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is an interesting time for ICANN, as we proceed with making the IANA transition proposal a reality. As a member of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO), I (try to) contribute to manage the policymaking for the general top level domain names (e.g. .com, .hotel, ...). This was the first 'Policy Forum', a new format introduced recently by ICANN: shorter meetings (hooray!) focused on policymaking.

@TILT (June 21) and CEU (June 24)

.. for two completely distinct talks. At the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society I presented my (ongoing) work on participation in cybersecurity politicymaking, in a talk entitled 'The Long Walk of Human Rights in Cybersecurity Policymaking'. At the Central European University I contributed to a panel on democratic innovation in the conference 'Making Democracy Work', organized to mark the 25th anniversary of CEU. Of course, I spoke about data activism, this time casting it as 'redefinition of citizenship'.

Mobilisieren in Zeiten von Social Media on

I have been translated into German by! "Die Sichtbarkeit wird durch Social Media zweifelsohne gefördert. Aber was heißt das für soziale Bewegungen und diejenigen, die sie unterdrücken? Was ändert sich bei der Mobilisierung und bei kollektiven Handlungen? Stefania Milan schreibt in einem Gastbeitrag über den digitalen Kapitalismus und über eine neue Mobilisierungsdynamik, die sie mit dem Begriff „cloud protesting“ umschreibt." Read the rest here.

my book is now in soft cover :-)

My book is now out in paperback, hence a tad bit more accessible. The book is pretty much the same as the 2013 first edition, but there is a bonus: the foreword by DeeDee Halleck, founder of Paper Tiger and DeepDish TV, an activist-scholar who has deeply inspired my work and whose work I greatly admire.
You can get your copy on Amazon (soft cover, hard cover, and ebook). You can check out it out by having a look at Chapter 1 and of Chapter 2.

@ICA, Fukuoka, 9-13 June 2016

In mid-June I went to Japan to take part in the annual conference of the International Communication Association, this year with the theme 'Communicating with Power'. I attended the pre-conference on big data, presented my work on cloud protesting and part of one on internet governance (on June 8 in Tokyo), and hosted a blue-sky workshop on data activism. The latter one was particularly fruitful, and contributed to expand the network around our DATACTIVE project.

datafication & civic participation at ZeMKI, Bremen, 2 June

On June the 2nd, I was invited to give a talk at the Zentrum für Medien-, Kommunikations- und Informationsforschung (ZeMKI) of the University of Bremen, as part of the research seminar series 'Digital Traces', investigating media change and its relation to datafication (see abstract below). I spoke about 'Datafication and Civic Participation: The Emerging Epistemic Culture of Data Activism'.

technopolitics from below in Lecce, Italy, May 27

On May 27, 2016 I was in Lecce, Italy, to give a talk at the event 'Elementi di tecnopolitica', organized at the University of Salento. I gave a talk entitled 'Ideologie di Internet nell’era dei media sociali' (internet ideologies in the age of social media). It was an event of the network Red Latina Tecnopoliticas: Ciudadanía, Poder y Acción Colectiva. We have a new website (still work in progress...).

media activism and hacker ethics in Orillia, Canada

Between the 12th and the 15th of May, I am in Orillia, Ontario (Canada) to take part in the Media Activism Research Conference, organized by the Media Activism Research Group at Lakehead University. I was invited to do a skill-share workshop entitled 'Practicing hacker ethics', in which we will assess our engagement with technology (for daily use, media activism, and for research on media activism) in light of the values of hackers ethics. The video is now on YouTube.

data activism at the Surveillance & Society conference, Barcelona

On April 21-23, I will attend the7th biennial Surveillance & Society in Barcelona. The conference is entitled 'Surveillance: Power, Performance and Trust'. Together with DATACTIVE member Becky Kazansky, Maxigas and Lucas Melgaço we will animate a panel on data activism, scheduled for Saturday at 9am. Check out the full program and the abstracts.


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