consultancy: the DATACTIVE Ideas Lab

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The DATACTIVE Ideas Lab is a consultancy firm registered in the Netherlands (KvK-nummer 69570132) and advising in the areas of research methods (e.g., community surveys), digital technology and participation, media policy and the governance of cyberspace (including, but not limited to, the Domain Name System). It provides also teaching and training, as well as grant application support. Overall, the DATACTIVE Ideas Lab brings research out of the university, and engages in applied thinking and research. Our areas of intervention include, for example

  • citizen participation: public consultations (design, management, data analysis), strategies for civil society involvement in policymaking, community decision-making, digital citizenship
  • data cultures: data journalism, data activism, transparency policies, open data, Digital Agenda-related policies
  • research methods: digital methods, participatory and action-oriented methods, impact assessment, participatory evaluation
  • internet governance and cybersecurity: multistakeholder decision-making, and a variety of issues and mechanisms pertaining to the governance of cyberspace, broadly understood
  • technopolitics and civic engagement: NGO 2.0, social media strategies, advocacy and social awareness campaigns, participation strategies
  • horizontal collaboration: co-design, social innovation, facilitation of workshops and collaborative processes, project writing
  • digital storytelling: transmedia storytelling, user engagement, data visualization and infographics
  • communication for development: citizen media, community radio, ICT4D, strategic communication, digital storytelling strategies

As a consultant, I have worked for the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the European Commission (DG CONNECT), and various international NGOs and media, including Inter Press Service. For example, for the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research I authored the the Italian document on the fundamental rights of the internet (here you can find an English translation of the document).

If you want to inquire about my availability, please write me an email. I am curious to know your ideas!

The picture was taken at the Medialab-Prado, Madrid, in October 2013. A rough translation: "We take technology to be a tool at the service of society, putting all of our efforts to make sure that this tool is easy to use, open, simple and universal, with a design that meets everyone's needs while not excluding anyone"