in Abu Dhabi for ICANN 60

In October 28 to November 3rd, I was in Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates, for the ICANN 60, the Annual General. This was my last ICANN meeting as an elected Councillor for the NonCommercial User Consituency/NonCommercial Stakeholder Group (NCUC/NCSG). I am forced to disengage because the intense commitment to defend digital rights and the values and perspective of noncommercial internet users, in an environment where most of our 'adversaries' are professional lobbyists, have become incompatible with my daily job. It has been a nice ride, since I became active within NCUC first, and NCSG later back in 2013, I have learnt loads but accomplished far less than what I would have liked. To me, this warrants a much-needed reflection on the dynamics of civil society within multistakeholder processes, especially in internet governance; its hurdles and its distortions. One day I will write about this :-) In the meantime, a heartfelt thanks to my amazing colleagues and dedicated advocates within the large NCSG family!