[blog] Big Data from the South: The beginning of a conversation we must have

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Following a one-day event on 'Big Data from the South', Emiliano Treré (Cardiff University) and I wrote a blog post on the same topic. We argue that it is about time to talk about the concepts, methods, and theories we use to explore datafication and its consequences outside the global North. We argue that much of the critical scholarship in data studies has emerged along a Western axis ideally connecting Silicon Valley, Cambridge, MA and Northern Europe, and that something is missing in this conversation. We see the South not merely as a geography, but especially as a place of (and a proxy for) resistance, subversion and creativity. So, how would datafication look like seen… ‘upside down’? What questions would we ask? What concepts, theories, methods would we embrace or have to devise? What do we miss if we stick to the mainstream, Western perspective(s)?

You can read the blog post and ... we would love to host your ideas, in the form of a rebuttal, provocation, case study etc.