Cloud protesting and the Occupy Spring (, 21 February 2012)

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by Pierre Leibovici,

'Cloud protesting' helped the Occupy protest movement grow at unprecedented speed throughout the world, but has also led to something of an identity crisis. Now Occupy must make itself the sum of its parts, and rally the 99% once more.

Restructuring. The word keeps coming up. From New York to Paris, via Montreal and London, the activists of the Occupy movement contacted by OWNI assure us: their determination has not wavered, but it is time to redefine the targets of their protest.

But behind the enthusiasm and hope, an existential crisis threatens to descend on its supporters. Much like the Anonymous movement, the Occupy banner is being co-opted for many diverse purposes, and increasingly specific campaigns. The latest project launched by the Occupy Wall Street site calls for the occupation of US telecoms giant AT&T, after the company announced the layoff of hundreds of employees.

Continues here. The articles features my notion of cloud protesting and an interview.