internet governance & digital rights update oct-dec 2015

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Arg, days (and weeks and months) have been so busy lately that I have.. forgotten to update my website.
What have I done re Internet policy & digital rights in these few months, roughly October-December 2015? Let's try to recap:

  • I attended (and spoke at) the Italian Internet Governance Forum in Rome on October 12, and the Dutch Governance Forum in The Hague on October 1. You can find the video of my session here.
  • I took part in the 54th ICANN meeting in Dublin, October 17-23. It was my first ICANN meeting as a GNSO Councilor: so fascinating and... so much to learn!
  • I co-convened the event 'ICANN meets the Dutch civil society" at De Waag, November 26, Amsterdam
  • I gave a talk in the pan 'Who Controls the Internet?' at the World Forum on Democracy, organised by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (November 21)
  • I contributed to the work of the Freedom Online Coalition's Working Group 1 'An Internet Free and Secure', running a consultation on our guidelines for a "human rights by design" approach to cybersecurity and cybersecurity policymaking.
  • I participated in a couple of cybersecurity closed events which were a lot of fun!