ISMI and AoiR in Estonia

A whole week (October 16-21) in beautiful Estonia for two exciting events! I will first present two papers at the International Symposium on Media Innovations, in Tallinn in October 16-17 (Am I not associate prof of media innovation in Oslo?!). The papers, both co-authored, are entitled “Fake News as Innovation Engine? Balancing Content Regulation and Freedom of Expression in the Age of Platforms” (with Vidushi Marda, Center for Internet & Society in Bangalore: the first public presentation out of our fake news project!)) and “Social Media-Innovation: Towards a critical analysis of media innovations that address societal challenges” (with Niamh Ní Bhroin, University of Oslo). Check out the program. My participation to the Symposium is made possible by a grant of the Internet Policy Observatory at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania (which funds my new project on fake news and content regulation in the age of the platformization of the web).

Right after Tallinn I will relocate to Tartu to attend the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), where I will be joined by DATACTIVE postdoc Lonneke van der Velden. I will present two papers ("Data politics at the grassroots", with Lonneke at the mic, and "Political agency, digital traces and bottom-up data practices"). I will take part in two exciting roundtables, respectively on "Future Directions for Critical Data Studies" (thank Helen Kennedy for organizing) and "Internet policy in the age of Trump—and how to stop it" (thanks Viktor Pickard). Finally I will contribute to the Early Career Scholars Workshop (delighted at the invitation and looking forward to swap thoughts: but, hey guys, when did I get so old to become "senior"? ;-).

Download the presentation of 'Political agency, digital traces and bottom-up data practices', AoiR, 19 October
A pre-print of the paper can be found on SSRN. It will soon be out on the International Journal of Communication, Special Section 'Digital Traces in Context' edited by Andreas Hepp and colleagues (2017)