out now: on hackers & human rights in the European Cybersecurity Journal

My article 'Hackers, Hacktivists, and The Fights for Human Rights in Cybersecurity' has been published in the European Cybersecuriy Journal (ECJ). The journal, edited by Joanna Swiatkowska and and published by the Kosciuszko Institute in Poland, publishes 'strategic perspectives on cybersecurity management and public policies'. My article briefly presents a 'non-standard approach to the activity of hackers and hacktivists, indicating their significant role in the processes which lead to building stable, contemporary democracies. Those actors may play an important social role and uphold the values of rule of law', as the ECJ editor wrote in the introduction. 'This interesting perspective sheds new light on hackers and hacktivists, who have been negatively presented so far', she added.