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stefi in juist

le Dolomiti "Sono pietre o sono nuvole?
Sono vere oppure è un sogno?"

(Le montagne di vetro, Dino Buzzati)

"mi libertad se ofende si soy feliz con miedo (...)

mi libertad es tango que baila in diez mil puertos"

(Libertango, Astor Piazzolla)

I love the outdoors. I love bikes. I love mountains, lighthouses, and water.

I dance Argentinean tango. Twice a week I practice boxing. Boxing is my therapy, tango is my poetry.

I am passionate about sport(s). I like yoga, but can hardly find the time (which tells you how much I would need it). I do not swim as much as I would like. Here in the lowlands, I miss climbing, skiing, skating on crispy black ice, and driving my bike up mountain passes. I used to play for the Mad Cows, the five-a-side soccer team of the European University Institute. Even now that most of my cohort is dispersed across Europe, the Mad Cows remain my second family.

I love books, reading, traveling and exploring. I love learning things, taking things apart, and do-it-yourself. I am curious and never give up, be it a mountain to climb or a computer to fix. I have a dog, Pimpa, co-owned with my sister Chiara. Pimpa however wouldn't be happy living on a boat or being a frequent flyer (besides, she loves laying in the sun), so she lives in Italy.

My father says my heart is maple-leaf-shaped. In fact, I love Canada, its lavish nature and the kindness of its people. I miss the lush outdoors and the caring community of Toronto Island, where I was lucky enough to live while working at the Citizen Lab. Before the Netherlands, the road (ehm, the job market) took me to Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Brazil, California, and Canada.

Life, however, is much more than work. To name but a few, I have scuba-dived in the coral reef in Sodwana beach, South Africa; hiked by the three rivers where Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay meet, and in the Blue Mountains, Australia; kayaked in the Panama canal; surfed in California; tangoed in Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires; practiced yoga in an Indian ashram by the Ganges; swimmed in the Dead Sea, Jordan; cycled (in a tandem) across the Golden Gate, San Francisco, and up the Dolomites (my favorite of all times, maybe because I was born at their feet?).

I dream of living in a lighthouse, but wouldn’t mind if it turns out to be a windmill after all.